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Claudia Adamo

Claudia Adamo Bio.

Claudia is known for her ability to move things along with an urgency that is unparalleled. With a market that moves quickly, Claudia is the Real Estate professional to rely on. Born and raised in New York City affords her the ability to think fast and act even faster with a no “BS” attitude that makes her an asset to anyone that is searching for real estate in NYC. Claudia was born, raised and currently resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – she is a true “Native New Yorker”. After graduating from College, Claudia set her sights on the Real Estate industry and never looked back.

She started her journey as a rental agent at a small real estate office in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Claudia learned the rental process from start to finish directly from the owner of the company. Claudia then began to work for a somewhat larger real estate firm in Manhattan, New York. During this time Claudia mastered the rental process and moved on to work on the sales end of transactions. She has always had a strong desire to progress in her career and strived to learn more.

The next step brought her to an appraisal firm where she studied as a residential appraiser, eventually being promoted to operations manager. After several years working on the residential appraisal side of the industry she felt it was time to progress yet again. She then went to work for one of the most reputable real estate brokerage firms in the country. Here she furthered her knowledge of the process of buying and selling property. Working hand in hand with an SVP of the firm enabled her to hone her skills in negotiating, expand her real estate knowledge base and sharpen her skills in streamlining both the selling and buying processes. Claudia was then recruited and offered a position with another reputable real estate firm in NYC. Claudia worked as a salesperson but also managed a rental and sales team. It was in this role that she was responsible for managing agents and directly handling hundreds of condominium and cooperative packages for buyers. This role was a hands-on management role as her responsibilities included hosting open houses, securing and managing exclusive listings, and qualifying and assisting buyers. At this point of her career she had gained the skill and confidence to become a broker herself.

For the last 5 years Claudia and Duane Davis, owner of Sielken Davis LLC, have worked side by side operating Sielken Davis LLC, a successful residential real estate appraisal company. They had worked together previously when she was operations manager at another appraisal firm. As Sielken Davis grew, Duane was looking for someone that could assist him in managing staff, clients and customers as well as the overall day to day operations of the firm. He knew that he needed to look no further than Claudia. Since they had worked together before, he was aware of her office management abilities but also knew that she had added more skills to her Real Estate tool belt and that she would be a tremendous asset in starting a boutique Real Estate brokerage.

In launching Davis Real Estate Group, LLC as a founding partner and Broker of the firm she is excited to use her skills and her overall experience in NYC Real Estate to assist in building a boutique firm that allows her to return to her true passion for customer and client satisfaction. Thereby integrating all that she has learned throughout the years to help her customers find the perfect home. If you are looking for a no nonsense, honest, direct, professional and downright friendly broker look no more. Having worked for 13 years on both the valuation and sales/marketing sides of the real estate industry, Claudia is well versed to handle any situation that may arise during the real estate transaction process.