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Selling a Home

Selling a Home.

At Davis Real Estate Group our teams experience in Metro NY Real Estate is extensive and our detail oriented, customer first approach will help you sell your home at the maximum price with minimal obstacles. We look to minimize any bumps in the road through the entire process by focusing on the finest details and gathering the right information to keep our customers informed and prepared. We are a boutique firm that can provide the utmost in customer service and customer representation. Our goal is to understand the needs and wants of our customers so that we may provide the best service and represent our customers to the best of our ability. Like when buying a home, the key to success in buying a home is representation. Here are a few reasons to work with a Davis Real Estate Group agent to sell your home:

  1. The goal of a Davis Real Estate Group agent is to not only advertise and market your home to the public with the best of his or her abilities, but also to provide the customer with the truest form of representation. We look to earn our every dollar of our fee. The job of a RE agent is to represent their customer and make them feel at ease through the process. You can rest assured that at Davis Real Estate Group, we take pride in our adherence to our fiduciary responsibilities. The fiduciary responsibilities of a seller’s agent are like those of a buyer’s agent and without limitation owe the customer reasonable care, undivided loyalty, confidentiality, full disclosure, obedience and duty to account. Confidentiality and obedience can sometimes be taken for granted but are really very important. For example, most customers assume that when sitting with an agent and listing their home with that agent that they are going to keep certain information confidential and do what is directed by the actual seller. After all you are hiring the person to represent YOU. So, in a situation where you disclose to your agent that you really want to sell your home for $550,000 but would entertain offers as low as $500,000, you should have the confidence that that information will not be shared and should just serve as parameters for your agent to negotiate within. This is true obedience and undivided loyalty. Confidentiality is just one piece. That information is solely for the agent and that agent should be walking into any offer or contract negotiations with the intention of getting the highest sale possible for their customer, regardless of the flexibility that you discussed in private. At Davis Real Estate Group, we are always looking to act as a full-service representative of our customers. Let us use our attentiveness, experience and skill in negotiating and protecting information to get you the best deal for your property.

  2. Our marketing and sales strategy that we customize for your home generates the most exposure possible. We use a combination of resources to sell your home including but not limited to social media and email marketing, internet advertising, and direct mail campaigns to expose your property to the masses. We employ all resources available to us to promote your home to all our contacts and the brokerage community. We use media, print and online advertising outlets such as Streeteasy, The New York Times and Newsday to market your property. Additionally, our team consists not only of Real Estate Agents but 20+ appraisal experts of our sister company Sielken Davis LLC. They are experts in New York Real Estate with access to large-scale and reliable real estate information. Our effective team approach allows us to pinpoint pricing, making sure our customers are not just “listing” their homes with us, but instead getting the intended result and “selling” their homes. The goal with each selling customer is to truly understand your needs and concerns while properly evaluating your home. Working closely with the customer should result in a listing price that not only meets the customer’s expectations, but also maximizes the overall buyer interest in your property.

  3. We are a boutique firm with a history in New York Real Estate and an investment in technology to rival the larger firms. As a boutique firm, we admittedly do not accept every listing if we do not think that it is properly priced and that we can provide a service to you the customer. Our goal is to help customers sell their homes and NOT to add a bunch of listings to our board. By taking on less listings at a time versus one of the bigger NYC Real Estate shops, we provide more individualized customer care and personalized attention as we engage our entire staff to work on the sale of your home.

With Davis Real Estate Group as your broker, you can rest assured that your property will get the right exposure in the right places as our investment in property marketing is top notch. We remain competitive with any other brokerage in the area and have more resources. The biggest difference in working with us is the personalized approach and amount of work we put into each listing. With a goal of making the selling process as transparent and smooth as possible, Davis Real Estate Group is the firm you need to get the right exposure and ultimately get your property sold with the least amount of stress during your transition.